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Advanced haircare system targeting fine and thinning hair. Part of MR. Jamie Stevens System-PPX TM hair treatment range for thicker, stronger hair. Created by multi award winning men’s hairdresser Jamie Stevens.

FIBRES: MR. Hair Fibres are natural keratin fibres that blend perfectly with your existing hair to instantly conceal and cover thinning or receding areas. Use on the crown or hairline.

SCIENCE: MR. Hair Fibres add density and natural looking fullness to thinning hair. Statically charged plant fibres attach to individual strands, hair instantly looks and feels thicker.

Available in three colours – Brown, Dark Brown and Black

Always tested on people

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25 reviews for MR. HAIR FIBRES

  1. Jack03

    Absolutely love these! I have used a couple of fibres in the past, but none really compare to these!! Have always had very thin hair (bad genes) so thought I would try something new again. I bought these fibres and also the brown thickening disguise spray. Using both together is like I have a thick full head of hair I love the look!

  2. Dean

    I was always a bit dubious about fibres. However, a few months after I had a hair transplant and impatiently waiting for my hair to regrow, I thought I’d give them a try. I was so pleased with the result. You need to use so little to create a good effect of coverage and thickness. The applicator is an essential purchase if you want to get the hairline looking good!

  3. Gavin

    Been using this for years now. Great products.

  4. Jonny (verified owner)

    Ok so like everyone I was skeptical about these (such a cliche review opener). But I’ve tried at least three hair fibre brands before this, and none come close! I use the dark brown fibres as my hair is brown/nearly black and it just makes all the difference. We all know they aren’t our own hairs, but to be able to look in the mirror and not hate your reflection makes a huge difference – and it’s actually thanks to these!

    Cheers Jamie (if you read this) you have made a product that has helped me big time x

  5. neilandrewbaker (verified owner)

    So are the best fibres on the market. They bond better than others and are lighter and less ‘clumpy’ (yes thats a word) than others. Also feels like I don’t need to use as much. Really great product and just about to stock up on a load more.

  6. Preet

    I love your hair products

  7. Rosby paule

    Easy to apply, blend in with hair really well. The best I’ve tried (compared to nanogen and toppik).

  8. Mohamed

    Realy good

  9. Gray

    wow, i’ve never been a fan of fibres.. but a hair stylist used it on me for a dance job the other day and it’s INCREDIBLE!

    guys with black hair should use dark brown

    natural and long lasting


  10. Luka Krkoc


  11. Monika varshney

    Good product

  12. Monika varshney


  13. Aijaz bhat

    Great product i hope.

  14. Aijaz bhat

    Gd product

  15. Scott (verified owner)

    Good product, definitely makes a big difference to a receding hairline. However my hair is fairly light whereas the product is brown, a lighter brown colour would personally be better for me.

  16. Ben D (verified owner)

    This is my first time using any kind of thin hair treatments and I was very impressed with the hair fibres. Very easy to apply and the results are amazing! I was worried you would be able to tell but you really can’t and it makes the hair look alot thicker.

  17. Lianne (verified owner)

    I bought this for my partner after seeing it used on Xfactor contestants and WOW! He wanted it to help with his confidence on our wedding day but I think I’ll have to buy him some more by then as he’s using it regularly.
    Easy to apply and great results. If your unsure on how to use then just watch a few YouTube tutorials like we did. Brilliant find.

  18. isherwood.john

    Absolutely love using these. Totally regained my confidence going out and made photos/video look better. Not used anything else from the shampoo to the conditioner and disguise spray. Ace stuff

  19. Marge

    Good points all around. Truly appcreiated.

  20. liam

    Great product, I left a review on the disguise spray too. I think it’s worth using them together. Completely transforming, again! Awesome.

    Side note: wash your hands after!!

  21. John

    This is awesome. Since I’ve been using Mr products, I’ve gained a lot more confidence with my hair. It thinned and yes I used the rubbish combover but with this, the disguise spray etc, it really made my hair look great and it stood the video test too. Filmed a piece to camera with it and so happy with results. Big thanks to Jamie an team for helping restore my confidence going out

  22. Ben

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I’m assuming Jamie probably doesn’t get to read these but I really needed to write a message of gratitude for such an amazing product. I was never ready to lose my hair and a year ago I finally gave in and shaved my head. Safe to say with all the will in the world I was never a Vin Diesel lookalike and the bald look just didn’t work for me. I aged about ten years and my confidence was absolutely flattened. I’m sure we all worry about our appearance but being in my early thirties I was already starting to feel like my youth was slipping away as well as my looks (I wasn’t exactly a stunner to start with) one day whilst I was waiting for my wife in Boots, for some reason I was drawn to the men’s hair care aisle..somewhere I never thought I’d need to visit again! And I saw the MR products. I admit I was skeptical so I came home and researched, watched the videos and decided to give it a try with zero expectation..just a mild hope. I really can’t believe how amazing it works. I patiently waited to grow my hair out so it was long enough to try the fibres. I really cant believe how well this works, even on my hair which is now very thin across the top, at the moment I dont even have alot of length there for the fibres to stick to. It holds up to close inspection, and even in bright sunlight. Gobsmacked. I feel so grateful to have found this, because it’s not just hair, its a younger looking, happier and more confident man in a spray and shaker. A joyous and triumphant one finger salute to my defective genes, and a massive thanks to Jamie Stevens. Once it’s a bit longer I’m tempted to make the trip and book myself into the salon for my first haircut in 2 years as a special treat.

  23. mylo9

    Having tried thickening shampoos and thinning treatments I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted although I do think the hair loss slowed down. These are what I needed to get the look I was after instantly. Really can’t tell I’ve used anything but it makes such a difference to the balding bit at the back of my head. I use each day with hairspray to set in place.

  24. Jamie81

    Slightly more expensive but better product. I opted for ‘brown’ and the colour match was perfect. I’m in my 20’s with thinning hair and this stuff is really good at instantly making you look like you have more hair – only downside is once you’ve tried fibres it’s hard to go back! An investment I will keep up though as I feel so much better.

  25. Reza

    Easy to apply, blend in with hair really well. The best I’ve tried (compared to nanogen and toppik).

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Cellulose, Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, Cellulose Gum,  Dodecylebenzene Sulfonic Acid, Ammonium Bicarbonate,
Cl 15985, Cl 42090, Cl 16185

Jamie’s tip for instantly thicker looking hair: Start with MR. Disguise Spray for scalp coverage. Add MR. Hair Fibres for added hair density and volume. Finish with MR. Style Fix Spray to seal and protect against colour run. How to use our Hair Fibres: Gently tap MR. Hair Fibres container to disperse fibres over thinning areas until the desired coverage is achieved. Gently pat with your hand to spread the fibres evenly over the area. For ease and precision, apply with MR. Hair Fibres Applicator. Always cover clothing or fabric before use. Warning: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, if product gets into the eyes rinse well with warm water immediately. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on damaged or irritated skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Use only as directed. Avoid inhalation.

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