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10 simple steps to fuller, thicker hair

10 steps to fuller thicker hair | MR Jamie Stevens

Don’t let thin hair hold you back.

In this article, we’ve shared 10 simple steps to achieve fuller, thicker looking hair from the comfort of your home.

  1. Reach for a thickening or volumising shampoo and conditioner duo.

How much attention do you really pay to the pre-styling products you’re using?

Pre-style hair prep is perhaps one of the most underrated steps in a male haircare regime. Using the right shampoo and conditioner helps to give hair that much needed boost of fullness and thickness, even before applying a styling product.

Our Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo and Conditioner have been developed for thinning hair. That’s why they’re boosted with our unique System-PPX™ active thickening complex – a triple threat which helps to nourish the hair follicle, strengthen weak roots and reduce the rate of hair loss simultaneously.

Opt for our Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (also includes System-PPX™) to avoid dandruff build-up and tackle both concerns at once.

  1. Gently pat hair dry with a towel to avoid breakage

Did you know, when your hair is wet it’s three times weaker? It comes as no surprise that vigorous towel drying or using a hot hairdryer at this stage can do some serious damage.

Our advice? It’s time to ditch the hot styling tools (or at least, turn them to a cold setting) and allow your hair to dry naturally with a little assistance from your towel – remember, gently pat, don’t rub.

  1. Use the right styling products

Concerned about the appearance of thinning hair? Opt for thickening hair styling products. The right product will provide the hair with some added density while locking your chosen style into place.

Whether you’re a fan of a paste, clay or wax, we’ve got you covered with the MR Style range.

The entire style collection has been formulated with System-PPX™ to tackle thinning hair, instantly improve the visual thickness of hair and create a salon-finish at home.

  1. Try introducing supplements to your diet

For many of us, male pattern baldness is inevitable, but occasionally, hair loss can be the result of a specific deficiency within your diet.

Certain supplements like Biotin, Vitamin A, Flaxseed Oil, Zinc, Vitamin C, Selenium, Folic Acid, and Niacin have been credited for improving the strength of hair and even helping to reduce the rate of hair loss.

Of course, if it is a genetic problem the supplements may not produce the results you’re looking for, so we always recommend chatting with your GP or a dermatologist about the issue to get to the root of the cause before spending your money.

  1. Disguise products for balding patches

Whether you’re starting to experience a receding hairline or have noticed balding in the crown of the head, there are some great disguise products on the market to disguise the concern – no hair transplant needed.

The MR Disguise range consists of Hair Fibres and Disguise Spray (in three shades) which both serve different functions in concealing thinness and making the hair look fuller.

With a little practise, both products seamlessly blend with even the smallest of hair follicles to provide a natural-looking finish.

  1. One for the smokers – it’s time to stop

No, we’re not just preaching to improve your general health.

Smoking has in fact been proven to increase the production of hormones which are associated with hair loss, so cutting back (or going completely cold turkey) could really make a difference to the general thickness of your hair in the long-run.

  1. Try a thickening treatment

Our at-home Thickening Treatment delivers thickening agents directly to the scalp, where they are most effective.

When applied for a prolonged period (both morning and night), our treatment helps to reduce the rate of hair loss by prolonging the hair growth phase, makes hair feel stronger and more resistant to breakage, and leaves it looking thicker and fuller.

  1. Opt for a short style (e.g. a short back and sides)

Jamie himself is always recommending that guys with thinning hair opt for a shorter style.

Many make the mistake of trying to overgrow thin/balding areas to cover the concern, but a shorter style is in fact (9/10 times) more flattering as it draws less attention to the thinness.

  1. It might be autumn, but here’s a helpful tip for next time you’re in the sun

When the weather is hot, avoid exposing your hair to the sun (wearing a hat is the safest bet). This is because, as with skin, hair becomes weaker when exposed to the sun for too long.

The follicles often become brittle and fragile, with the exposure triggering a shedding stage in the hair cycle – a big no, no if you’re trying to maintain/gain all-over thickness.

    1. Alternatively, those with mid-long hair can try dry shampoo and root powders

When applied to the root of the hair and massaged in, this can give the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

Just make sure to thoroughly massage product into the hair to avoid any white patches.

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