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5 Men’s Grooming Essentials


Whether you’re new to men’s grooming or a bit of an expert, we’ve picked five key areas to invest in to ensure you stay looking sharp.

Skincare Essentials

We look to skincare products that will salvage our skin from the rigours of life and finding the right products are essential to maintaining a daily routine.

Firstly, you want a light daily face wash to keep you looking fresh. Too many guys rely on soap & water alone. Our favourite is Aesop’s Amazing Face Cleanser. Gentle enough for everyday use, this soothing formula will refresh skin & keep it balanced.

Second, add a gentle facial scrub to your routine. We recommend Clinique’s Face Scrub. Facial scrubs help clear the skin for a fine shave and if you sport a beard, the scrub will help lift the hair and prevent pesky ingrown hairs from appearing.

Finally, you want a daily moisturiser. The type you choose will ultimately depend on your skin type; dry, oily or combination. We recommend Jack Black’s Double Duty Moisturiser with SPF20. It’s vital to keep your skin well hydrated and protected from the sun all year around.

Manage your Facial Hair

The beard is a popular choice but if you have one, it’s important to keep it looking polished with a little maintenance. Read our post about the benefits of using a beard oil & give it a regular trim.

…Or shave like a pro

If you are a clean shaven chap, you’re going to need to look at what gel or foam sits on your shelf. On MR.’s shelf is a cream from The Real Shaving Company. A thick, double concentrated consistency enriched with cocoa butter will help you achieve an extra smooth shave and avoid nasty scratches.

Subsequently you will need a quality razor. We recommend you check out Sterling Shave Club and look into their subscription service. These boys will have you sorted with their effective razors and know-how. As the Sterling Shave Club would say, get to it old chap.

Upgrade your Haircare

This is easy; invest in the right shampoo & conditioner. Using products formulated specifically for men’s hair helps ensure that your hair is in excellent condition & stays strong. So stop borrowing your partners products or reaching for the shower gel. MR. has a dedicated range specifically engineered with System-PPX™ to maximise your hair & help it look thicker, fuller & stronger.

Final touch? Fragrance.

Fragrance is very individual, while some like woody scents others prefer a crisp citrus blend. Our current favourite is Byredo Sunday Cologne which features the perfect balance of both.

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