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A Quick Solution to Disguise Hair Loss

Overslept? Last minute date? Sometimes we need to style hair in a hurry, but if you suffer with hair loss or thinning hair, it can take time to style hair exactly how you need it to be.

We’ve created a quick solution using the MR Disguise Range products below, to ensure you achieve optimum coverage efficiently, hassle-free and effortlessly – no matter how much time you have to get ready!


First, reach for your MR Disguise Spray (in a choice of Brown, Dark Brown & Black) and spray across your hair in short bursts to cover the scalp. This will instantly make the hair look thicker already. Designed to last from dawn until dusk, ensure the spray has blended with your hair correctly before moving onto the next step. Just use a hair-dryer to dry the product in for a few minutes to be sure.

Once It’s all dry, there should be minimal transfer of colour. It’s also water-resistant once dry and has been tested by Jamie himself!


Next, use the MR Hair Fibres to help make each strand look and feel thicker. Also available in Brown, Dark Brown and Black, the hair fibres help to build hairs density and instantly deliver natural-looking results.

To apply, attach the MR Hair Fibre Applicator to the top of your MR Hair Fibres and then, gently press the rubber pump at the top to spray the hair fibres onto the scalp. Keep the nozzle 10cm away from your hair and direct the nozzle to the thinning areas of your scalp. Squeeze the pump to release the thickening fibres until you’re happy with the coverage.

To add some additional style, why not try our MR Style Paste? It’s a lightweight, smooth men’s hair paste, that will tame unruly hair while adding texture and definition to your style.


The final piece of the puzzle is to keep all your hard work in its place – you can do this by applying the MR Style Fix Spray to ensure not a single strand leaves its position.

Essentially, it’s a hairspray, but it’s a medium-hold hairspray designed specifically for men’s hair, which will fix style all day. It contains the unique MR System PPX formulation so it doubles-up as a hair thickening product.

Just spray the MR Style Fix Spray all over your head roughly 20cm away from your scalp, until you’re happy with the coverage.

And that’s it! If you follow these 3 steps, hair will instantly be concealed and left looking thicker and fuller in no time at all!

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