System PPX MR. jamie stevens
What is System-PPX?

System-PPX™ is a thickening peptide that has been expertly blended for the MR. system. It's included in each product to help keep hair thicker, fuller, stronger for longer.   How Does It Work? Dual active peptides (Pea Peptide and Hexapeptide-11) Helps to strengthen the scalp skin matrix promoting thicker...

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This unique formulation contains our trade-marked System-PPX complex to help strengthen the scalp skin matrix to promote thicker, hydrated hair & enhances the anchoring function of the hair follicle to help slow the rate of thinning hair. This thickening treatment also contains Sphinganine which helps to reduce...

Hair Follicle
Why Does Hair Thin?

Understanding how hair grows & what causes hair to thin is key to understanding how MR. works. The hair shaft is typically composed of 2 distinct components, the cuticle and the cortex with some hair having a third component called the medulla. The cuticle is a complex...