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Do You Think You’re Going Bald?

Wondering whether you’re going bald isn’t a stupid question, as there is a difference between hair loss and suffering with male pattern baldness.

Hair loss is the thinning of hair on the scalp (often referred to by its medical term, Alopecia), which can be either temporary or permanent. Male Pattern Baldness is a genetic condition which is related to your genes and male sex hormones, which stops head follicles from growing new hair.

Your life, environment and stresses could be contributing towards your hair loss. But if circumstances change and your hair is still thinning, then you may need to take some action!

To see if you’re one of the 25% of men who start going bald by the time they’re 30, we’ve listed some tell-tale signs of what to look for if you think you’re going bald, and what you can do it slow it down below.

Hair is falling out

It seems pretty obvious, but it’s good to monitor your hair loss and see how frequently hair is falling out. Each hair follicle is independent to each other and goes through its growth cycle at different times; such as an active growth cycle and a resting cycle. We lose around 100 strands of hair a day with normal shedding, but if you start to see more hairs on your pillow cases or loose strands in your hair brush, it could be worth looking at treatments to help slow down the process.

Receding hairline

A receding hairline tends to be the first sign people notice if they’re losing their hair – and when it starts to get pointed out by other people!

Before it becomes too visible, you may notice that your hair just isn’t styling the way it used to and the direction you normally comb your hair isn’t working as well. Our MR Style Range helps to hide thinning hair with products which are designed to work with weak hair follicles to keep it in place. The MR Anti-Hair Loss Conditioner also helps to nourish the hair follicle, strengthen weak roots and reduce the rate of hair loss, which can help your receding hairline.

Visible scalp

Once upon a time, did you have to move hair out of the way to try and see your scalp? If this isn’t the case anymore, you could have lost a significant amount of hair on the top of your head. This tends to be centralised around the crown, which is obviously quite difficult to monitor. If possible, use a mirror or even the front facing camera on your phone to monitor the rate of hair loss and see whether your scalp is becoming clearer.

The solution?

There’s of course surgery and medication you can take to help hair growth, but sometimes all you need to do is use the right products on your hair to support it, instead of shaving it all off or ignoring the problem.

The MR products include System-PPX™, which is a thickening peptide that has been expertly blended for the MR system. It’s included in each product to help keep hair thicker, fuller and stronger for longer. The Dual active peptides (Pea Peptide and Hexapeptide-11) help to strengthen the scalp skin matrix, promoting thicker, hydrated hair, while enhancing the anchoring function of the hair follicle.

If you think you’re starting to go bald, check out the MR Shop page and see which products can help you.

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