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How To Use Hair Concealers

Experiencing thinning hair can be a challenge and a troubling subject to tackle for any guy. So if you show signs of hair loss, how do you choose to deal with it? Generally speaking people either ignore it and live with the concern, shave their hair off or invest in a hair transplant. While these are all options they aren’t necessarily the ideal solution for those whose confidence is severely knocked by hair loss and cannot afford or do not want to go through surgery.  This is where hair concealers can be a simple solution.

The MR. Jamie Stevens brand was born out of a drive to find products that had the latest technology to encourage thicker hair without sacrificing style – no man should be embarrassed about having these products in his bathroom. Jamie has personally experienced thinning hair and tested all of the MR. Disguise range months before production. So, you can feel confident in their durability.

If you’re ready to take control we have some instant solutions for you. Hair concealers consist of two products; a pigmented spray which helps to conceal the scalp and hair fibres which help to instantly add density to existing hair.

The MR. Disguise range includes these two products and are available in brown, dark brown and black shades. If you have lighter coloured hair these products can still work for you, just watch this video the learn more.

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