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Everything you need to know about hair fibres

MR Hair Fibres

If you’ve landed upon this article, you’re most likely searching for products to instantly conceal thinning hair and provide some added fullness from the comfort of your home.

The good news is, hair fibres could be the perfect solution for you – giving the illusion of a full head of thick hair within seconds… for an affordable price (so there’s no need to take the eye-wateringly expensive cosmetic route).

Read on to discover all the information you’ll need to know before trying hair building fibres for yourself; including, what they are, how they work, how to apply them, who can use them, and how long the results will last for.

What are hair fibres?

Designed to provide the illusion of fuller, thicker hair by disguising thinning areas, hair fibres can be created from several materials, but most commonly include Keratin. Keratin is a fibrous structural protein which forms natural hair, which explains why it’s such an ideal choice for hair fibres.

Our Hair Fibres are boosted with keratin and System-PPX (our exclusive active thickening complex) – a scientifically backed combination which allows them to simultaneously treat and disguise thinning hair.

How do hair fibres work?

As they are finely milled, hair building fibres cling to natural hair seamlessly (they attach themselves to even the smallest of strands that are barely visible) making them an ideal choice for the hair line and crown.

Often dyed (in our case Brown, Dark Brown and Black) to suit the individual’s natural hair colour, hair fibres provide a quick and undetectable solution to thinning hair. They can be easily removed using shampoo should you make a ‘boo boo’ in your first few attempts, so you can experiment with application techniques as much as you like to get the best results for you and your hair.

How do I know if hair fibres are suitable for me?

Developed as a solution to the taboo that is male pattern baldness, hair fibres are suitable for all ages. We understand that some men start losing their hair at 20, while others notice a receding hairline at 40, so we’ve developed three shades which are suitable for all those concerned about the immediate signs of hair loss.

In addition to the primary benefit of using hair fibres as a concealing method, they can also be used to build density and volume in normal-fine hair.

How to apply hair fibres…

Hair fibres are perhaps one of the easiest products to use when disguising thinning hair.

It might take a few attempts to get used to working with them, but as a general rule of thumb, we recommend gently tapping the container to disperse fibres over thinning areas (e.g. the crown of the head). Patience is key – you can gradually build-up product little by little, but it’s harder to remove it without going back to square one.

For more targeted applications which require a little more intricacy, we’d introduce our applicator. It’s extremely easy to add to the top of our hair fibres pot and will help you tackle a receding hairline with minimal fuss, making it perfect for first time users. Check out this article for more applicator tips and tricks.

How long do the results last for?

Hair fibres are effectively a daily concealer for thinning hair and should therefore be re-applied every day to a freshly washed head of hair (try our Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo and Conditioner to prolong and reduce the rate of hair loss).

Have unanswered questions? Let us know in the comments below!

For more tips and tricks on how to conceal and disguise thinning hair, check out our latest video…

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