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FAQ’s about men’s hair concealers answered

The most common questions people ask us regarding our Disguise Range


We know using new grooming tools like men’s hair concealers can be daunting at first, and we often have guys contact us for help. So, we have pulled together  the most commonly asked questions – we hope they are of use to you!


How long does the MR. Disguise Range take to apply?


Application is simple and time-effective. Applying MR. Hair Fibres and Disguise Spray should only add about 10 minutes to your morning routine. “I’m up at 7.00 and it only takes me 10 – 15 mins, if that, using these products…” Youtube Review. Discover how-to best apply our disguise range in our how-to video here.



Will the MR. Disguise Range run when wet?


We get asked this question a lot. The MR. Disguise range has specialist polymers that help prevent colour from running and are resistant to rain and perspiration. Although we do recommend using an umbrella to protect your style 😊. “It really is wind and rain proof! If you don’t use shampoo, it won’t come out, which is brilliant!” Youtube Review.

How do I style my hair with the MR. Disguise Range?


It’s understandable to be concerned about what products to use on top of our disguise range. We recommend a softer styling formulation like MR. Style Paste. Pastes are mattifying, texturising and smooth – they help to define and create your ultimate style without causing tension on your scalp and should not cause any disturbance with any disguise products that are already applied. An added tip we recommend is using MR. Style Fix Spray to lock in MR. Hair Fibres or MR. Disguise Spray after applying a styling product like MR. Styling Paste.


What will other people think?


Take it from the people that use MR. Jamie Stevens – “I bought this for my partner after seeing it used on X-factor contestants and WOW! He wanted it to help with his confidence on our wedding day, but I think I’ll have to buy him some more by then as he’s using it regularly. Easy to apply & great results. If you’re unsure on how to use, then just watch a few YouTube tutorials like we did. Brilliant find.” – Anonymous review on MR. Hair Fibres


We hope these answers have been useful, if you have any comments, tips and recommendations of your own please leave a comment below…

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