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Top Foods For Healthy Hair

7 Foods For Healthy Hair


Suns out guns out. Summer is definitely the time we start thinking about staying lean and watching what we eat a little bit more. What you eat has a real impact on your body, and not just on the love handles. Your diet also affects the condition of hair.


Food for healthy hair needs to be rich in a variety of vitamins and nutrients which will help maintain health and strength. If you have thinning hair these foods won’t make your hair grow back, but they can help improve the general appearance and condition of your hair.


Oily fish

Fish is a great source of protein, which is essential for hair health and strength. Hair is predominantly made of keratin, which is a protein, and it’s this that gives it both strength and flexibility. Low protein diets make hair limp, lifeless and prone to breakage, not great if you already have thinning hair.


Oily fish like mackerel and salmon also contain Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, a lot of iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin D, all of which can help improve hair and scalp health.



Not a fan of fish? Chicken is a great source of quality protein. Another important effect of protein is it increases the bioavailability of iron. This means that it allows more iron into the blood stream where it can have an active effect.



These are rammed with essential vitamins and minerals, plus a healthy dose of protein making them a great food for healthy hair. Importantly one of the vitamins is biotin, a B vitamin that helps promote hair health. Because the summer weather can damage your hair getting foods like eggs into your diet is really important.



Packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals nuts have been acknowledged as a super food for years. A favourite snack with gym-goers, nuts are just as good at building strong hair as strong muscles. Walnuts are a good option in particular as they contain biotin and vitamin E. Lack of vitamin E can lead to brittle hair so incorporating walnuts as a snack or in a salad can give your levels a boost.


Sweet potato and carrots

These are full of beta-carotene, which is converted by your body into vitamin A. This vitamin is vital to the production of sebum, which is an oil created by glands in your skin. Sebum helps keep your scalp hydrated and healthy, which is important for the condition of your hair.



Keep your hair strong to the finish with a good serving of spinach. This leafy green contains tons of iron, which is important for the blood supply that feeds your hair follicles and the hair root. On top of that it also contains Omega 3 and a variety of vitamins, all of which promote healthy hair.



Lentils contain biotin and are high in protein making them an excellent food for healthy hair. Lentils are also a good source of zinc. This mineral plays an important role in your overall physical well-being and, you guessed it, keeping hair healthy.


When coupled with thickening and strengthening hair products a diet that contains these foods will keep your hair in top condition through the summer and beyond.

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