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Give the gift of style this Christmas

Give the gift of style this Christmas with MR Jamie Stevens. Choose between our Thickening, Disguise and Style Ranges for that perfect present. Or, add to your own Christmas list for Santa?

To help you choose the best products for your gifts, we’ve gone into more detail about our three ranges below and the products included, to ensure you become the best present giver this year!


Our style range combines with science to create products which help you to achieve the latest looks and ensure your style lasts from day to night!

The unique formulations in each product not only adds texture and definition, but it also helps to strengthen and thickening hair with our active thickening complex, System-PPX™.

As our biggest MR range, you can choose between a variety of products to style hair with:

After applying any of the above products, we’d always recommend to finish the look with our MR Style Fix Spray, which adds strengths and locks in your look.


Combining style with science, our Thickening range is the first defence against thinning hair. Each product in this range is designed to help add thickness to your hair as it starts to thin, helping to support it rather than work against it. This includes our:

Each product contains our unique combination of dual active Pea Peptide and Hexapeptide-11 – known as System-PPX™. The formulation helps to strengthen the scalp skin matrix and leaves hair looking and feeing thicker and fuller.


After you’ve used our Thickening range, the next step is to disguise hair loss or thinning hair using our best-selling keratin hair fibres & disguise spray.

The whole range contains our:

The MR Disguise Spray is a concealer for men, which adds colour to the scalp by blending seamlessly with your natural hair colour to instantly conceal thinning or receding areas.

The MR Hair Fibres can then be applied with or without the MR Hair Fibres Applicator, depending on where you need to apply the hair fibres. The statically-charged keratin fibres bond and attach to individual hairs, making each strand look and feel thicker to build hairs density and instantly deliver natural-looking results.

To lock in the results, use the MR Style Fix Spray, which is a medium hold hair spray for men.

Combined together and these products instantly reveal thicker and fuller looking hair.

To check out the best way to apply the MR Jamie Stevens products, head over to our YouTube channel for some ‘How-To’ videos with the man himself.

Also, to make sure you receive your goodies on time, our last shipping dates for Christmas delivery are:




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