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Groom Your Moustache

Grooming your facial hair is a top priority. Whether you are sporting a creative moustache for men’s health charity Movember and fundraising or you’re a growing your bristles for the first time, we are here to help you keep your tash top notch.


Firstly, you need to keep your tash well-conditioned. Beard hair can absorb moisture from the surface of the skin, resulting in dry and flaky facial hair. Slapping on any old moisturiser won’t suffice. Only a dedicated beard hydrator will do, MR. Style Beard Oil contains Abyssinian oil that nourishes your hair and reaches underneath to hydrate skin and facial hair.

Shape up!

Sculpt your tash into a marvel. Using a wax allows you to express your creative nature. If you’re not feeling adventurous, pinch a tiny bit of your usual MR. Style Wax and warm in your finger tips to create subtle definition and texture.

Brush Your Bristles

Invest in a comb, this will be more than worth your time. Use the comb to evenly distribute your newly discovered moustache wax. Create definition by parting and forming shape with decisive brush strokes. Combs are always a fantastic aid whilst trimming your moustache, always angle to comb in the direction of the lip when snipping your excess hair.

Are you getting involved in Movember this year? Perhaps you’re sporting a great moustache creation and have some great tips? Share them with us in the comments below.

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