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Top 3 Grooming Gifts For Men

The saying goes men are typically hard to buy for at Christmas, whether this is right or wrong we have chosen some of the best grooming gifts that we recommend giving this year. From stocking fillers to presents, let Santa really deliver this year with a little help from MR.


MR. Jamie Stevens

Lets start at the top of the list. With 1/3 off the entire range for the month of December we have your men’s hair care needs covered for the holiday season. Mix and match the perfect combinations for the guy in your life by selecting parts of the MR. range. Give him a fresh look and feeling ready for the coming new year. We will break down the essential components for you so the man in your life can get exactly what he needs. These include:

  • MR. Thickening, helps to reduce the rate of hair loss and supports hair to look and feel thicker.
  • MR. Disguise, instantly conceals the signs of thinning hair to blend in seamlessly for a natural look.
  • MR. Style, helps to shape & mould a defining look with a selection of matt and wet look products, including MR. Style Beard Oil – the perfect stocking filler.


The Real Shaving Company, The Shaving Brush Collection: £9.99

These guys are experts in professional barbershop shave & skincare, using formulations that have been in practise since 1953. They offer a range of affordable and premium gift sets over the Christmas period. Our particular favourite is The Shaving Brush Collection. Adding an edge to the typical shave gel and razor combination, the set includes 50ml of their Traditional Shave Cream and a synthetic brush. The shaving cream is a double concentrated formulation added with cocoa butter and willow bark extract to moisturise skin and reduce the risk of razor burn. The brush simply acts as a tool to whisk the cream and use to apply to the face. It really does make a difference to your shaving experience and we highly recommend looking at their entire gifting range.


Jack Black, The Jack Pack: £49.00

A US company, Jack Black produce an entire range of skincare products that are dermatologically tested, free from colourants, fragrance and are cruelty free. A pretty natural bunch, for the natural grooming lover in your life. The Jack Pack ticks all the men’s body & skincare boxes that will be of interest to your chap. The set includes:

  • Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20
  • Cool Moisture Body Lotion
  • Turbo Body Bar® Scrubbing Soap
  • Supreme Cream Triple Cushion® Shave Lather
  • Deep Dive® Glycolic Facial Cleanser


We hope this helps you on your gift buying journey and Merry Christmas from MR. Jamie Stevens.


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