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Hairstyles for Grooms

Special hair grooming is necessary for a monumental occasion such as a wedding. In this guide we have some big advice and looks for the big day, from Jamie Stevens himself.

When ruminating on how to achieve the best style for your hair on your wedding day, you need to be proactive.

  • Research different hairstyles online, pick up magazines and get a feel for the look you want.
  • Book in a consultation with your hairdresser, roughly three months prior to the day of the wedding. Ensuring you have given yourself time to avoid any nasty surprises or last minute decisions.

This is not the time for drastic change and crazy new cuts, no-no. Remember the memories snapped by family and friends will be around for a very long time. In essence you want to create a classic and timeless appeal. This is not to say in-cooperating the latest trends won’t work but trends and fads pass over time. We recommend a classic look that reflects your best self.

Here are a couple examples of our recommended classic looks.

Shot in NYC by @ninamduncan 🗽

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Suit shoot ✈️ #Munich #shooting #work #dapper #shootwiththeMrs #london #tonight 👍

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Knitwear inspiration ✔️

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Dapper squad.

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