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Get Thicker Hair

Healthy Scalp, Happier Hair? Washing your hair seems like a simple task that we do on autopilot, yet so many of us men don’t actually complete the task properly. We are all guilty of reaching for the closest shower gel or using our partners products to slap dash it on and have the job done. When what we actually need to be doing is investing in the right product, specifically designed for men’s hair. This is a key step to a healthy scalp and a happier head of hair.

Suitable for daily use, MR. Thickening Shampoo and MR. Thickening Conditioner are both light, non-greasy formulas that help to remove dirt and product build up effectively. Most importantly this cleansing duo feature a patented thickening complex named System-PPX™. A thickening peptide that has been expertly blended for the MR. system. It’s included in each MR. product to help keep hair thicker, fuller, stronger for longer.

It works by using dual active peptides – pea peptides and hexapeptide-11 (we will try and make this as digestible for you as we can, here we go….). These peptides help to strengthen the scalps skin matrix, promoting thicker and more hydrated hair, enhancing the anchoring function of the hair follicle. A complex of alpha-hydroxyl acids, green tea, sugar beet and betaine that are rich in protective antioxidants help to promote cell renewal, making hair more resistant to breakage and energise the hair follicle.

If this isn’t enough to convince you to invest in a new men’s shampoo and conditioner, you can currently receive MR. Thickening Conditioner FREE when you buy a MR. Thickening Shampoo. Don’t miss out your chance to see the benefits for yourself.


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