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How to choose the right MR. Shampoo

Our MR Thickening range is the first defence against thinning hair. As with all our products, it combines style with science to work with your hair – rather than against it.

In this range, we have two shampoos you can use to help slow down the process of hair loss, thanks to our unique combination of dual active Pea Peptide and Hexapeptide-11 – known as System-PPX™.

But which one should you use? Read below to find out.


Previously called our MR. Thickening Shampoo, this product does exactly what it says on the tin. If you’re seeing hair starting to thin at a faster rate than normal, or starting to see patches form, this is the shampoo to use.

Our System-PPX™ active thickening complex helps to reduce the rate of hair loss, as it enhances the anchoring function of the hair follicle. Used all over your head within our shampoo, it helps to strengthen the scalp skin matrix to leave hair feeling stronger and looking thicker.

Not only this, but our MR. Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo effectively removes dirt, grease and product build-up, to help keep hair cleansed and replenished after it’s been styled to perfection. Used in conjunction with our MR Anti Hair-Loss Conditioner, it helps to promote fuller hair that’s resistant to breakage.


Similar to the MR. Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo, the MR Anti-Dandruff Shampoo also contains our unique System-PPX™ formulation, to help slow down the rate of your hair loss for visibly thicker looking hair. But it goes one step further – It removes and prevents further dandruff build-up.

Dandruff occurs when a microbe called Malassezia Globose, a natural oil referred to as sebum, and a sensitive scalp combine. Malassezia breaks down the natural oils present on your scalp and can irritate it, causing dandruff. With 1 in 2 people suffering with dandruff, we wanted to create a product which helps men to tackle the problem as easily and efficiently as possible.

The MR. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo has been put through rigorous clinical trials to make sure it performs at its best. 93% of our clinical trial users agreed that our shampoo reveals a dry scalp and 90% said that our shampoo reduces visible flakes in the hair, leaving it feeling soothed and visibly refreshed.


For both shampoos, the better the application the better the results. So, here’s what we’d recommend:

  1. Always wash your hair twice – this will help to remove all dirt, grease and help the hair follicles with our System-PPX™ complex
  2. For first application, we would use a small amount of product (around the size of a 10p), distribute into your hands and then massage into the scalp from root to tip, front to back
  3. Rinse thoroughly
  4. Then, for second application use even less product (around the size of a 5p), distribute into your hands and repeat the process again

You’ve heard us say this before, but ALWAYS use conditioner after applying shampoo, as this supports the work from your shampoo and will help to remove any lingering product build-up.

Guys tend to avoid using conditioner as it can sometimes makes hair feel softer and finer, but our MR. Anti Hair-Loss Conditioner is one of the best products to use to help strengthen hair and reduce hair breakage.

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