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How to get the Beach Look

Want to achieve the perfect surfer hair style at home? Then we have the solution.

In this guide we offer some advice on the best matt look products to help you create an easy beach surf style, whilst helping to conceal thinning hair.

Start with salt 

Our MR. Style Salt Spray is the first step and is an essential tool for replicating fresh ‘out of the sea’ salty hair, without the crunch. To apply, simply pump a few applications to your root’s (wet or dry) and massage into the longer strands of your hair. Either leave in or blow dry out. Depending on your hair type it will create a slightly varied effect. Applied to straight hair, the salt in the spray will add lacking volume and a ruffled texture. When applied to naturally wavy / curly hair this formulation will define curls and volume. This will help to disguise thinning hair by adding lift and texture to your overall look.

Add strength

Once you’ve added the Salt Spray, try our MR. Style Paste to hold hair in place. You can also top up on the go, or simply implement a stronger hold to your beach ready style. With our mattifying styling compound, the men’s styling paste leaves hair with a natural bed-head touch, giving you the opportunity to further define your hair’s style. Just place a small piece into your palm, mix between your hands until you can barely see the product and apply accordingly throughout.

Lock in place

Finally, lock in your chosen look for a longer lasting period, with our MR. Style Fix Spray. It’s a medium hold hairspray that will add the finishing effect to your beach ready style. Hold half an arm’s length away from your hair and spray until secure. Top tip; add a little at a time and build up your style.

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    1. Hey Bobby, yes it would! We would advise to use the MR Style Salt Spray after you’ve dried in the MR Disguise Hair Fibres or MR Disguise Spray with a hair dryer. And then complete your look with the MR Style Fix Spray. We hope this helps!

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