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How to style a slick-back

colinfarrellYou’re interested in the slick-back? This is a modern take on a classic look and pretty easy to create with our guide. We’ll have you looking like Colin Farrell in no time.

The Cut:

Try to go as short on the sides as possible, take initiative and discuss what grade will work for your hair and reflect what feels best on you. Taking the sides in closer will add definition to the length on-top and create the contrast you want to achieve. Maintain the length on the top to make it possible to play with your personal style.

The Style:

This style is a great adaptable look. Perfect for a formal occasion, it’s good grooming with a fashion edge.

Step 1: Wash and condition hair with MR. Thickening Shampoo + Conditioner. Clean hair is key prep for any style! Apply a 10 pence piece, lather then rinse.

Step 2: Apply MR. Style Salt Spray on towel-dried hair from the back to the front. This will increase volume, thickness and create great texture.

Step 3: Blow-dry hair using a vent brush or combing with your fingers from front to back pushing it all toward the crown to eliminate any parting + mould the direction of how your hair will set upon drying.

Step 4: Once the hair is dry grab a 10 pence piece size of MR. Style Wax + distribute thoroughly on your fingers and palms. Apply initially in all directions to make sure it is evenly distributed, then in the desired direction, in this case from front to back to replicate Colin Farrell’s hair style.

Step 5: MR. Style Fix Spray is the ultimate finishing product. It should be used at the end to ensure your look lasts. Hold MR. Style Fix Spray at least six – eight inches away from your hair to avoid hair becoming too heavy + wet.
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2 Replies to “How to style a slick-back”

  1. What is the difference between the salt spray and the thickening spray rhst is appled to scalp.. the purpose of both looks the same so confused on which to use n when.

    1. Hi Tahir,

      Thanks for your question. Our Salt Spray is a styling product that adds matte texture to hair. Our Thickening Treatment Spray is a product that helps to treat thinning hair by encouraging hair growth. Hope this helps!

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