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How to Style and Conceal thinning hair

Do you feel like you have to compromise on style when it comes to concealing thinning hair?

We’ve written some advice below on how you can easily create a finished look which helps to boost your confidence and is styled to perfection.


Understanding your hair and how it works is the first step in trying to achieve a great style whilst concealing thinning areas. Do you have a receding hair line? Is hair thinning on your crown? Can you see your scalp when hair is dry?

Once you know how your hair works, you can work with it to create a look which is stylish as well as flattering to your thinning hair. This could be working out where your natural parting is or knowing that if you wash your hair in the morning, it makes it too soft to style into a rigid position after.


Once you know how your hair works and the areas you need to concentrate on, look for the right hair products which adds both volume and keeps hair in place to cover thinning areas.

Using light weight products is one way of doing this, as the heavier the consistency of the product, the harder it is on your hair follicles which can lead to premature breakage.

If you’re losing your hair, the hair follicles are already sensitive and more prone to snapping due to industrial-style products and treatments.

All of the MR Style hair products are light-weight and less invasive on your hair than some of the other hair styling products available. Each one not only adds texture and definition, but also helps strengthen and thicken hair with our active thickening complex, System-PPX™.


All of the MR Disguise and MR Style products give your hair a matt finish look – and this is on purpose. If your hair is sleek, full of greasy products or wet looking from using a gel for example, this makes your hair look thinner as it exposes your scalp, defeating the object of trying to conceal thinning hair using styling products.

Using a paste, clay or wax which works with your hair rather than against it, still gives you style and definition, but doesn’t leave the scalp exposed and is light on your hair follicles.


If you still have some hair to work with, then the hair dryer can become your best friend. It may take more time, but by drying your hair and drying some products in with a hair dryer (on a low heat), it helps to add some extra volume.

Depending on the length of your hair, invest in a round brush (which come in different sizes) and blow dry your hair by picking it up in sections and blow drying the hair in the opposite direction that the hair naturally goes. This will help to add extra volume from the root and you can easily direct the hair to cover your thinning areas as well. It is extra effort – but worth trying!


Volumising shampoos have been specifically designed to help add lift and life from the roots, which is perfect for men suffering with thinning hair. The extra volume will also support your hair when you’re styling it to cover thinning areas.

Our Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo goes one step further though. The dual active Pea Peptide and Hexapeptide-11 removes dirt, grease and product build up, adds volume and helps to promote thicker, stronger hair that’s resistant to breakage with our System-PPX™ active thickening complex. This strengthens the scalp skin matrix to help reduce the rate of your hair loss.

Support this with a good blow dry and light weight, matt products, and you can create the perfect look to conceal thinning hair – without compromising on style.

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