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How to Style Hair on the Go

Going away for the weekend or spending it outdoors in the sunshine? Don’t let your hair get in the way of enjoying some adventure and spontaneity.

Our short guide below shares top-tips to help style hair on the go, with no fuss or hassle attached. The results? A stylish, effortless look with reliable products.

So what hair care essentials should you pack?

Salt Saviour

If you don’t have access to a shower, we would always recommend using our MR Style Salt Spray for on the go travels. It uses salt to add body to the hair, enhancing its natural volume and imparting texture. We suggest applying this directly to the scalp and working it through the strands of your hair for best use. It can also be applied to long or short hair and is easily build-able if you don’t get a chance to wash it out at the end of the day.

Keep in Place

To add more style and a sleek edge to your do, after a dose of salt spray, try our MR Style Paste. Recommended by British GQ, the lightweight and durable formulation means it can tame unruly hair and add further texture with a matte finish. So if you’re out for the day and decide to carry on into the night, your hair won’t run the risk of falling flat.

Shave on Monday

Trying to shave whilst camping or with no access to a sink can frankly be more of a pain than it’s worth! With the help of our MR Style Beard Oil, you can skip the shave and embrace the beard, knowing that the product will hydrate and smooth a scruffy beard with a simple application.

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