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How to use: MR Hair Fibre Applicator

Our new MR Hair Fibre Applicator was designed by Jamie Stevens to help you create the ultimate disguise for thinning and receding hair.

The specifically designed nozzle dispenses MR Hair Fibres precisely where you need them, providing even coverage and full control of the dosage. This is particularly useful for localised thinning areas such as the hairline or hard to reach places on the crown.

But how do you use it?

Step 1:

Firstly, get your MR Hair Fibres and gently remove the sieve lid from the product. But be careful to not too pull too hard, as you may run the risk of a few fibres spilling out!

Step 2:

Replace the lid of the MR Hair Fibres with the application spray nozzle and ensure it is securely attached. Just clip the lip to the top of the container. The rubber applicator should now be attached to the hair fibres bottle.

Step 3:

Then, gently press the rubber pump at the top to spray the hair fibres. If this is your first time using the applicator, you may need to press it a few times for the fibres to initially come out.

Step 4:

Keep the nozzle 10cm away from your hair and direct the nozzle to the thinning areas of your scalp. Squeeze the pump to release the thickening fibres until you’re happy with the coverage.

Step 5:

Continue squeezing and moving the nozzle around the scalp until desired coverage is styled.

Step 6:

To keep it all in place, apply the MR Style Fix Spray as normal for ultimate coverage. The applicator then stays on your MR Hair Fibres bottle for all future applications until you run out.

And that’s it!

The no-hassle MR Hair Fibre Applicator is the perfect accomplice to our MR Hair Fibres, to give you an accurate and precise application. So head over to our Shop Page and pick up yours today.

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