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How waterproof are hair concealers?

One of the most commonly asked questions is ‘Will hair concealers run if I exercise or go out in the rain?’ To answer this question we have pulled together a simple dos and don’ts list.


How does it work?


The MR. Disguise range has specialist polymers that help prevent colour from running and are resistant to rain and perspiration. If the application of the products is done correctly your extra coverage will remain in place.


When won’t it run?


If you are going to be in a hot environment, out for a casual jog, strutting your best dance moves or just so happen to encounter a spot of rain the MR. Disguise range has got you covered, don’t sweat it.


Don’t be unrealistic


Jumping into a swimming pool or standing under a waterfall may lead to your concealer running. We recommend that if you want to take part in either of these pursuits you should wash out any excess products you have in your hair before you do. Just in-case!


To learn more about the best way to apply our men’s hair concealers, watch our handy video below on how to apply our men’s keratin hair fibres, disguise spray and fix spray (for that extra security).


Don’t just take our word for it. Our customers are just as satisfied as we are with the results: “It really is wind and rain proof! If you don’t use shampoo, it won’t come out, which is brilliant!” Youtube review.


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