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Iconic Men’s Hairstyles Infographic 1980s – 2010s

Iconic Men’s Hairstyles From History: 1980s to 2010s

Part two of our look at iconic men’s hairstyles should send you on a real nostalgia trip. We’ve looked at styles your dad or granddad probably sported in our previous hairstyles infographic, but this time we’ll be looking at some cuts that you’ve probably asked for yourself in the barber’s chair. With some of the 90s looks coming back into fashion (curtains anybody?) this trip down memory lane feels more like a walk down a 2017 high street in places.

Iconic Men’s Hairstyles Infographic 1980s – 2010s

Which of these iconic men’s hairstyles are your favourites? More importantly did you rock any of them back in the day? Let us know in the comments or on social media. Feel free to share the infographic using the buttons below.

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