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Keep Healthier Hair for Longer

Consider this, hair is technically not a living thing and therefore you would think it requires little attention for it to stay healthy. However, this is not the case, there are lots of ways that you can keep your hair looking its best for longer. We have collated our top tips…


Just for men


Using a dedicated men’s shampoo and conditioner is imperative in supporting your hairs natural texture. However, using one with a thickening complex, like System-PPX, can reduce the rate of hair loss and strengthen the scalp matrix. Our MR. Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner can do just that and more, check out our video below for more information.



Pat dry


What’s the first thing you do when you jump out of the shower? Most likely, dry off in a rush. What you should do is pay particular attention to how you dry your hair. Rubbing it might seem the fastest way to dry it, but it actually damages hair and causes it to break. We suggest you pat it to avoid unwanted stress to it.


Don’t sleep with wet hair


Going to bed with wet hair can’t give you a cold, but it can cause it damage. This is because we move around a lot during our sleep, which can put your hair under strain. So, we suggest gently drying your hair before you go to sleep or investing in a silk pillow. Silky pillows are a lot softer and won’t pull your hair as drastically when you move during your sleep.


Go lightweight


As guys, we notoriously use hard styling tools like wax to get that finished look, but it’s time to make a switch. Harder styling products are more likely to tug at hair, causing tension on your hairs follicle when applied. Overtime this can encourage looser hairs to dislodge faster. So, we suggest using lighter products like MR. Style Paste and MR. Style Salt Spray. These tools will ensure a gentler application that works with the natural flow of your hair and will cause less tension on the scalp at application.

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