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Make your MR. Disguise look last from dusk ‘till dawn

Party season is in full swing and whether you’ve got Christmas dos, catching up with old friends or getting ready for your New Year’s Eve Party, we’ve got you covered to make you look styled to the nines for all occasions.

Our MR. Disguise Range contains the perfect products to help you look sharp, sophisticated and confident during your social gatherings.

We’ve written some top-tips below on how to make your MR. Disguise look last from dusk ‘til dawn this party season.


It may seem controversial, but we would actually recommend applying the first step in the MR. Disguise process, the MR. Disguise Spray, to wet hair.

This is because it easily exposes your scalp and your balding areas, so you can really target those thinning sections for better coverage. So, after your shower, pat dry your hair with a towel to absorb most of the moisture, then apply the MR. Disguise Spray in short flicks for more control.

JAMIE TOP-TIP: When it comes to the MR. Disguise Spray less is more, and you can always add in more after application if needs be!


Depending on where your thinning hair is will depend on what products in the MR. Disguise Range you need to use.

If you’re showing some slightly thinning areas on the top of your head, you probably need to just use our MR. Disguise Spray and MR. Style Fix Spray to lock in the concealer.

If you have a receding hair line, it’s likely you’ll need to use only a bit of the MR. Disguise Spray and apply the MR. Hair Fibres with our MR. Hair Fibres Applicator for targeted application. This reduces the risk of applying too much or accidentally having it land on your forehead instead of the hair strands. Then, lock in the products with the MR. Style Fix Spray.

And if hair is receding rapidly on top and you have thinning areas on your crown as well, then applying both the MR. Disguise Spray and MR. Hair Fibres with the MR. Style Fix Spray, will ensure all thinning areas are covered all night long.

Ensuring you’re using the right products will help to give you a natural-looking solution to your thinning hair and have a more successful application.


You’re on the dance floor, you’re showing off your moves and you notice you’re starting to sweat as the room starts heating up. Will your MR. Disguise look colour run?

No, it won’t. Our specialist waterproof polymers contained within the MR. Disguise range will help prevent colour from running and are resistant to light rain, wind and perspiration. All you need to do is apply the MR. Style Fix Spray after your MR. Disguise products to lock in the concealers.

So, you can dance until the light comes on with no risk of colour running. But if it’s torrential raining though – we’d advise taking an umbrella!


STEP 1: Apply the MR. Disguise Spray to slightly wet hair (choose between Brown, Dark Brown and Black). Shake the bottle well, and spray in flicks across your hair, concealing all thinning areas and covering the scalp.

STEP 2: Dry in the MR. Disguise Spray with a hair dryer. Ensure it is on a low speed and at medium heat. Also, make sure you use a comb, to reduce the risk of colour running onto your fingertips.

STEP 3: Apply the MR. Hair Fibres to create a fuller look. For the crown section of your head, apply the MR. Hair Fibres in a dabbing motion, similar to a salt & pepper pot.

STEP 4: Pat down the MR. Hair Fibres with your hand to help attach the fibres to your hair.

STEP 5: For targeted areas of thinning hair, such as the receding hair line, apply the MR Hair Fibres. with our MR. Hair Fibres Applicator. This ensures coverage is applied efficiently and effectively.

STEP 6: Lock in your style and the MR. Disguise products with the MR. Style Fix Spray. This well help add protection against the elements such as perspiration and light rain. Just spray around the scalp at around 6 to 10 inches.

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