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Meet The Old Guard

Believe it or not guys, the tide is changing. While the number one concern for men & their hair is still the same – that it may start to thin – the way you can treat & even conceal the early stages of hair loss has come a long way. We appreciate that this process can really knock confidence but all too often, guys are reaching for the wrong gear to conceal thinning hair. As hair starts to recede, it’s not unusual to reach for a hat, thick rimmed glasses or grow a beard according to Jamie who see’s this all the time in his salon. Are you guilty of any of the below or know someone who is?

Meet The Old Guard


While there’s nothing wrong with updating your style, there are much better products for treating the issue & disguising thinning hair if that is the reason behind certain looks. Men’s grooming and style is on the rise and take note; there is no shame in taking care of yourself. Whether this is investing in your hair or your look. We suggest grabbing the bull by the horns and doing something about it – Don’t get left behind.

For more info around our Thickening Treatment to help slow the process of hair loss or how to conceal early stages of hair thinning, head to our YouTube channel:

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