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Men’s Hair Trends from London Fashion Week 2016

London Fashion Week has just breezed through the big smoke at the Saatchi Gallery and we couldn’t help but take notice of the emerging trends in men’s hair and show you how you can achieve them.


The Looks

Men’s hair trends have been split throughout London Fashion Week for AW/16 in shows like Teatum Jones and Oliver Spencer. The most frequented styles curated this Autumn are either a dishevelled look with a natural finish or a classic groomed, slicked back style. To create either of these looks you will need the correct cut to make the desired shape. To ensure you aren’t disappointed we always recommend taking an image of the chosen hairstyle you want and discussing the best ways to obtain your desired look with your barber.


The Dishevelled Fringe

What you’ll need: MR. Style Salt Spray, MR. Style Paste & a hair dryer

Wash your locks, you’re going to need to do some subtle shaping with your hair dryer later. After your hair is wet apply MR. Style Salt Spray to your roots and all the way to the tips of your hair. The salt spray helps to enhance your hairs natural texture and volume. Gently blow dry your hair from back to front, crafting and shaping the direction of your fringe. Scrunch your hair occasionally by collecting your hair in your hand and making a loose fist, this continues to help promote a natural textured look. Finally, grab some MR. Style Paste and work through from root to tip locking in your style for a longer lasting hold.


Slick Tricks

What you’ll need: MR. Style Gel & a wide-tooth comb

Starting with a head of dry, clean hair, squeeze a 50 pence piece size of MR. Style Gel into your palm. With your other hand run a wide-tooth comb through the gel in your other palm. Using a comb will evenly distribute the gel without overloading any particular areas. Brush the comb through your hair from front to back, creating a slick curve. Eventually you will reach your desired shape. MR. Style Gel is designed to maintain your hairs shape for a long lasting hold.

And there you have it, two easy and achievable men’s hairstyles for your bank of style knowledge.


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