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Men’s Hair Trends 2016

We asked MR. creator & award-winning hair stylist, Jamie Stevens for his top men’s hairstyles of 2016.

The Quiff

A style staple that is always around in some form but is seeing a full on revival this season. As a great option for guys that want a suitable look for work and play, this look depends on what you personally want but works best when sides are shorter and length kept on top. Ask to have the sides taken to your desired length but aim to have the shape taper in to the neckline, then have the top cut to blend in. If easy maintenance is the main goal, try having a parting shaved in.


A trend that’s been building since last season and has already produced so many looks and variations so far. This is a really cool look and I expect it to be here for a while. I  think this looks best when the sides are a lot shorter and there is some disconnection from the top. Have the fringe cut in above the eyebrows and disconnected from the sides for maximum effect, for a more aggressive look have it shorter and perfectly straight to give maximum impact. For a softer dishevelled look have the ends more choppy and more textured through the top.

Use some MR. Style Wax here to give some shine AND dishevelled texture by creating the shape with your fingers. For a more structured smooth look apply MR. Style Wax throughout and then comb it through into the desired shape

The Mod

The indie/ mod trend is really showing up in 2016 with lots of guys taking inspiration from  this seasons catwalk craze. Think Paul Weller meets the Gallagher brothers and you can’t go wrong. You will need to have some length to your hair to master this look, it’s perfect for guys with longer hair who want something different. Ask for a fringe with some of the length kept toward the sideburns and a bit shorter through the back.

The MR. Fix Spray is a great product for this look as it gives the hair a natural texture and softness that brings it to life, to control it a bit more use a small amount of MR. Style Wax to give it definition and slight shine

Long Hair

Men have really adopted the longer hair look and we have seen many different adaptations over the last year. This year is no different. Expect more textured versions and less polished finishes.

To stay on trend ask for your stylist to keep the length on the perimeter shape and really texturize the interior. This will allow you to wear it forward and a lot messier, whilst still keeping some versatility.

For guys wanting to have a more textured wavy finish try applying some MR. Salt Spray to damp hair and then plait each side into a simple three strand plat, using a hair-dryer dry the plaits then unravel them for a wavy textured finish.



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4 Replies to “Men’s Hair Trends 2016”

  1. Gone are the days when long hair for men is in, These days, men;s hair style tends to be neat and clean, Timeless in fashion indeed, Quite high in maintenance though, Overall, they’re awesome,

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