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Men’s Summer Haircare: 5 Ways To Protect What You’ve Got

Summer haircare: 5 ways to protect what you’ve got

Probably the last thing on your mind when it comes to summer is hair care. Skin care, sure, because we all know that sunburn is bad news. Diet, possibly, if you’ve worked hard to get in shape for the warmer weather. But surely summer hair care is the same as any other time of year?


The unique conditions of the season can cause serious problems for fine hair, so hair care in the summer has to be adapted. If you suffer from thinning hair the last thing you want is your hair being excessively damaged while you enjoy the weather.


Men's Summer Haircare: 5 Ways To Protect What You’ve Got


Main causes of damage to summer hair

You can find out more in-depth information on the main causes of summer hair damage in our previous blog. But just to bring you up to speed the three main culprits are:

  • Sun damage
  • Chlorine damage
  • Salt water damage

The following hair care tips will help minimise the impact they have.

Summer haircare tip 1: Trim it

Of all the tips in this article this is the simplest one to stick to: make sure you have your hair cut regularly. Not only does this help you maintain your style but it also gets rid of any split hairs and helps to keep hair healthy and strong.

As the summer months can speed up damage to hair the most important thing you can do to keep your hair healthy during the hotter months is to get it cut and styled.

Summer haircare tip 2: Get some cover

If you have thinning hair you might still be using a hat to cover up the fact. While that’s how the old guard dealt with the problem of thinning hair it’s actually an ideal way to protect your hair from the sun.

Exposure to UV rays dries your hair out and damages important proteins, so if you’re going to be out in the sun for long periods of time grab a cap or hat and cover up.

Summer haircare tip 3: Condition

The heat, humidity, salt and chlorine your hair is subjected to in the summer will leave your hair weaker and prone to damage. One way to tackle this is to condition it regularly.

Hair care for men is often reduced to simply shampooing and whacking some product on for styling, and conditioning is seen as more something for the ladies or those with longer hair. This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially in the summer.

Conditioning after shampooing will nourish and strengthen the hair. MR. Thickening Conditioner features System-PPXTM which features dual active peptides and other ingredients to strengthen and moisturise your hair.

Summer haircare tip 4: Ditch the hairdryer

Excessive blow-drying isn’t good for your hair’s condition at anytime of year. So in the summer we recommend laying off the hairdryer as much as possible.

With the weather being warmer you’ll find that your hair will air-dry faster anyway, so just soak up excess moisture with a towel and let the summer heat do its work.

Summer hair care tip 5: Rinse before and after swimming

All hair is porous and absorbs moisture, though how easily it does so varies depending on your hair type. But whether your hair is like a sponge or a bit more resistant to wetting, it will soak up fluids. This is why spending a long time in the pool or the sea can damage your hair – because your hair sucks up the water around it, and with it the chlorine or salt.

So one simple hair care tip is to give your hair a thorough rinsing with fresh, clean water before you dive in. You can do this in the poolside showers, but if you’re at the beach simply dump some bottled water over your head.

By pre-wetting your hair you reduce the amount of additional water it can absorb, and the water will also dilute chemicals that come into contact with the hair.

If you want to go all out you can then put a little coconut or olive oil on your palms and run it through your hair, which will slightly waterproof your hair and moisturise it. But this might be a bit too much faffing around for you.

Then when you come out give your hair a thorough rinse. Ideally you would shampoo and condition but that isn’t going to be possible a lot of the time.

There you are, five simple tips to help you keep your hair healthy and strong during the summer. These are especially important for anybody with thinning hair, which is already more prone to breakage. Try them out, your hair will thank you for it.

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  1. Good advice even for women. The only problem that my boyfriend thinks that shaving is the best hairstyle for Summer! I love when men take care of their hair! They take care of their long hair!!!

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