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The New Year’s Guide to Manscaping

It’s a new year and we say it’s time for you the master the art of manscaping. We are going to walk you through the do’s and don’ts of male body grooming with our top three tips, from north to south.


Chest Hair Crawlers


Now, we aren’t about to go advocating the removal of all your chest hair. However, we suggest you keep it in-order. Nobody wants to wonder why they are forced to see half of a spider plant every time you pop on your favourite white-t. We recommend investing in a rechargeable face and body trimmer. These effective little devices allow you to change the settings to your desired hair length. This will enable you to keep those curly collar creepers from appearing and sculpt your chest hair to a less noticeable length. This same method can be applied to your armpit stragglers.


Down Under


Tackling this particular area of your body requires a two-pronged attack. Firstly, it is more than acceptable to have some good coverage, but to keep the length at an appropriate level you will need to use a face and body trimmer. As before, use this to create your desired length around the pubic region (this can include inner thigh). Please refrain from using this tool on your testicles unless you have put a trimming guard on, you will thank us for this sound advice. For the shaft you will need to use a multi-blade razor. Get your favourite shaving gel or cream, apply to the base and clear any excess hair for better exposure.


And Around the Back


Not all men suffer from too much stuffing on the old derriere but for the many that do we have a couple of tips for you. Reducing the amount of foliage you may have between your cheeks has a couple of benefits. Not only will it make your bottom a little easier on the eye, it will also help to reduce the amount of sweat you produce and it will certainly help to reduce the opportunity for any trapped odors to be present. Like your chest hair, you will need to reach for a handy face and body trimmer (they really are a manscaping best friend). We recommend not using any of the changeable heads and using the lowest trimmer setting. One word of advice, make sure you go careful and watch where you are going – you don’t want an unfortunate accident.

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