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Recreate Top 3 Men’s Hair Trends 2018

As a follow-up to our Men’s Hair Trends from London Fashion Week 2018 blog, we thought we would we should you how to recreate our top three picks. To look your best this year, simply follow the instructions below.


Sweep It Back

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To recreate this style, we recommend using our MR. Style Salt Spray, MR. Style Paste and a blow-drier. Simply apply salt spray to wet, clean hair and blow dry in the desired direction. In this case you will need to sweep it back with your fingers until 80% dry. When you have reached near dryness, grab a little paste and massage evenly throughout hair, continuing the desired direction. Then blow dry on a gentle setting, continuing the same motions and let the paste form the finished look. Top tip: if you want to hold down your style for a more consistent look throughout the day, we recommend a quick application of MR. Style Fix Spray.


Heavy in The Front

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To recreate this look we recommend using a little MR. Style Paste and MR. Style Fix Spray. Simply either let clean, wet hair dry in its own time or blow dry gently forward, into a desired shape. Once dry, apply MR. Style Paste through the hair, starting from back to front. With hands, create and emphasis the shape of the fringe you wish to create. To ensure your style stays locked in, apply MR. Style Fix Spray lightly over the finished look. Top tip: spray the fix spray into palms and gently stroke/ pat the top of the hair for a look that holds.


Keep It Clean

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To achieve this simple look, you will need to know a barber who is trained in the art of the subtle fade. Back and sides need to be faded into the length on top, starting very close to the skin and growing into a thicker connection at the top. More than a short back and sides this look shortens the length on the top and yet keeps full coverage in the consistency of the length. Once this style is achieved we recommend using some MR. Style Paste, evenly blended into the top of the hair to keep shape.

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