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REVEALED: MR Hair Care Kit

MR Hair Care Kit | MR Disguise

Introducing the fastest route to thicker looking hair.

Our new 3-part Brown Hair Care Kit (RRP £27) provides you with all the tools needed to conceal thinning hair and receding areas from the comfort of your home. Ideal for those looking to introduce the MR Disguise collection to their hair care routine for the first time.

Read on to find out more about this handy kit…

What’s included?

MR Haircare KitIn addition to the travel bag holding all products, our new Hair Care Kit includes our full-sized Brown Hair Fibres (which usually sell for £18 alone!), a mini Disguise Spray (so you can give it a try before up-sizing) and our brand-new Hairline Optimiser (perfect for nailing a natural, feathered hairline).

Whether you decide to combine both Disguise products or use them individually with the optimiser, this new kit has been specifically developed to help you get to grips with how to conceal and disguise your hair, exactly as you want it.

If you’re still a little anxious about using our products for the first time (we know, there are a lot of horror stories on the internet) then we recommend checking out our YouTube channel. This hosts a wide variety of videos across the collections (including MR Disguise), showing you how to get the most out of each product.

Can you tell me a little more about each product included?

Sure… here’s how each product included in our new kit works.

MR Disguise Spray: Adds colour to the scalp by blending seamlessly with your natural hair colour to instantly conceal thinning or receding areas. Contains System PPX TM (our unique thickening complex with Pea Peptide), which helps nourish and thicken the hair shaft whilst rejuvenating Wheat, Corn and Soy amino acids help hydrate, strengthen and protect hair.

MR Hair Fibres: Natural statically charged keratin fibres that attach to individual hair strands to instantly conceal and cover thinning or receding areas.

Hairline Optimiser: A handy tool which helps you to achieve a natural looking hairline when used in conjunction with the Hair Fibres or Disguise Spray.

Will this product be suitable for me?

If you have dark blonde through to mid dark brown hair, then yes. If your hair is darker or lighter than this, then unfortunately not. We are however hoping to expand the range in the future, so if this product does well, we might introduce a variety of kits in different shades.

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