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Style hacks for thinning hair

MR Jamie Stevens | Style Hacks for Thinning Hair

Scenario: you’re concerned that your hair is thinning, have purchased products to style, conceal and boost thickness, but are still struggling to perfect your chosen look.

In this blog, we’ll be sharing a selection of top hair styling hacks for people concerned about thinning hair, brought to you straight from multi award-winning hairstylist, Jamie Stevens.

Get the right haircut

After all, there’s only so much a great product can do.

“Don’t overgrow areas where the hair is thinning, as this will draw more attention to it – this is effectively a modern-day comb over.”

Instead, Jamie recommends asking your hairdresser or barber for a short (and thinned out) back and sides. Avoid adding texture to the top of the hair and ask for this to be cut blunt. By tapering the back and sides of the hair, the top will instantly look much thicker, creating the illusion of fuller hair.

Prep hair with a thickening shampoo & conditioner

MR Jamie Stevens Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Most men focus on the styling process when trying to conceal thinning hair, but how many pay attention to the washing stage? According to Jamie, this is just as important.

  • Wash the hair twice, this will produce a better lather and the hair will feel much cleaner.”
  • “Don’t skip conditioner, it’s a strengthening agent which helps prevents breakage – if you can, leave it on for a couple of minutes.”
  • “Don’t vigorously rub hair dry as this can promote breakage. Pat hair dry instead.”


Add texture

Longing for that seaside texture, but unable to take a trip to the beach? No problem.

“Our Sea Salt Spray instantly makes the hair look thicker, fuller and more textured, ready for your chosen finishing product.”

Just spray this product into wet hair before drying to give thin hair a well-deserved boost of texture.

Use your chosen styling product correctly

Whether you’ve opted for our thickening Paste, Clay or Wax, we recommend bearing the following tips in-mind when you’re next styling your hair.

  1. “Don’t use too much product – a thumbnail sized amount is enough. Less is more.”

  2. “Once in the palm of your hand, make sure to distribute product between your hands (you shouldn’t be able to see it by the end).”

  3. “Remember not to apply too much product to specific areas. Use sweeping, circular motions – start from the back and lightly work to the front of the hair.”

  4. “Opt for a matt finish where possible – sticky or shiny products can make the hair look thinner.”

Fix your style into place

An optional extra for those who love a firm hold – introducing an additional fixing product (like our Fix Spray) to your haircare routine will ensure your chosen style is locked into place all day long.

“Spray the product from 6-10 inches away from the hair. Focus on the area where you require the most hold.”

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