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Hair Damage: What To Watch Out For This Summer

Hair damage: what to watch out for this summer

Summer is here. As the days become longer it’s time for lazy after work drinks, trips to the beach, and generally being out and about. And we all want to look good for it. But summer takes its toll on our locks, causing hair damage that can have long lasting impacts.

So while you get yourself prepped for the fine weather make sure you know where the hot spots will be when it comes to your hair. Try and minimise exposure to these summer hair killers and you’ll avoid that ‘Tom Hanks in Cast Away’ look.


Sun damaged hair

Everybody loves a bit of sun, and a tan looks great. But we also know that too much sun exposure isn’t good for your skin. It’s the same for your hair. Some of us catch the sun and it gives our hair a natural highlight, but letting your hair bake in the sun is bad news.

Sun damaged hair has a dry and dull look. That’s because the intense UV light begins to break down the proteins in the hair that give it sheen and strength. The extra heat also plays havoc with your hair.

So over the summer months, if you’re out and about a lot, your hair can become weak and brittle. Bad news for anybody but if you have thinning hair this can lead to increased breakage and shedding of hair, which isn’t what you want.

You’re more at risk of getting sun-damaged hair if you have lighter locks or fine hair.

Chlorine damaged hair

Summer time means holidays in the sun, which means plenty of diving into the pool to cool off, which also means your hair gets a pretty regular soaking in chlorine.

Chlorine is great for killing bugs and bacteria, but it’s a nightmare for hair health as anybody who swims regularly can tell you. Firstly, chlorine acts much like a bleach and reacts with the pigmentation in your hair, gradually altering its colour.

Of more concern to anybody with thinning hair is the fact that chlorine strips your hair of its natural oils and damages hair proteins, which in turn weakens your hair.

Chlorine damaged hair will be dull and dry looking and begin to feel very coarse. Failing to condition your hair and take care when brushing or combing can result in it breaking easily. And when you think that soaking in the pool is probably sandwiched between long sessions of lounging in the sun, it’s double trouble for your hair.

Salt water hair

There’s no doubt that hair can look great when you come striding fresh out of the ocean, especially if you have a little length in your style. That’s why salt sprays are so popular. But there’s a big difference between a spritz of salt spray and drenching your hair in the ocean day in and day out. Frequently soaking your hair in the salt water for extended periods of time can weaken it and result in breakage.

Salt water hair is that rough and ratty look and you get it because the salinity of the sea sucks all the moisture out of your hair. As the hair loses its natural oils and water content it dries, begins to split and if you have longer hair it can tangle up.

So while a quick splash in the sea is fine don’t stay in too long.


We’ll be looking at what you can do to combat summer hair damage in an upcoming blog, so check back soon.

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