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The 3 Biggest Men’s Grooming Mistakes

There has never been a better time for men to keep up appearances. It is commonplace for guys to use moisturisers, pay for a little hair removal and to take better care of their beards.


However, that doesn’t mean we don’t miss a few vital steps. We take a look in the mirror and reflect on the grooming mistakes you may be making and how you can change them for the better.


Regain Control


We understand that coming to terms with thinning hair can be a rather daunting experience. That’s why we have created the MR. Disguise range and MR. Thickening range; both specifically designed for guys who are experiencing hair loss at various stages in their life and are looking for a solid solution. Sharpen your grooming knowledge and discover our two innovative ranges below to regain control of your confidence today.


Instantly Conceal Thinning Hair


The MR. Disguise range helps to instantly make thinning hair appear thicker. It includes our best-selling men’s keratin hair fibres & disguise spray for men. We would recommend this for the guy who is looking for a rapid and natural looking solution to hair loss. Want to know how it works? Check out our YouTube channel to see the incredible transformations our innovative range can make for you. Alternatively, look at the reviews on our product page to see what our customers think of these five-star products.



Reduce the Rate of Hair loss


For a longer-term solution to thinning hair we would recommend checking out the MR. Thickening range. Included is our concentrated thickening spray, MR. Thickening Treatment and MR. Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner. When this duo is used together, our shampoo & conditioner help to slow the process of hair loss, thanks to the unique combination of dual active Pea Peptide and Hexapeptide-11 – known as System PPX. Combine these everyday essentials with our thickening treatment and you have the first line of defence against thinning hair.


Pay Up


The £8 barber down the road may be a tempting offer but, investing in the right one and forking out a little extra will pay off in dividends. A skilled barber will get to know you, be willing to listen to your wants and will recommend hairstyles based on your face shape and your hair type. After all is a cheap hair cut really that much of a bargain if you aren’t happy with it?


Don’t Let Dandruff Win


A very common monster we find that most men have had to tackle at some point in their lifetime is no other than dandruff itself… and it is a nuisance. In-fact 1 out of 2 people across the entire globe have experienced dandruff at some point during their life. However, that doesn’t mean there is an excuse to continue to let it bother you. Giving a dry scalp relief by using the correct cleansing tools, like our MR. Thickening Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, will not only reduce dandruff build-up, it will also make you feel more confident that you won’t see an avalanche fall from your scalp when you run your hands through your hair. For best results, we recommend introducing our anti-dandruff shampoo into your daily cleansing routine.

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