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Top 3 Hair Fibre Tips

Our Mr. Hair Fibres are part of the disguise range, and take part in a 3-step guide to help deliver natural looking results to cover patches and reveal thicker looking hair.

The statically-charged plant hair fibres, with added keratin fibres, bond and attach to individual hairs, making each strand look and feel thicker. Available in three different shades, the hair fibres for thinning hair will help to build hairs density and instantly deliver natural-looking results.

To help you get the best results, we’ve listed our top 3 hair fibre tips, to ensure you look your very best with every application.

Use on dry hair

The keratin hair fibres attach to individual hairs on your head, so for optimum results they need to be applied to completely dry and clean hair. We would recommend styling ahead of applying the fibres as well, but staying well away from thick gels. This will make hair less available for the fibres to adhere to. For example, you can style hair and also help hair fibres bond with your hair by applying our Mr. Disguise Spray first and then the Mr. Style Fix Spray after applying your hair fibres, to disguise thinning hair and still successfully style it.

Apply in layers

There’s a fine line between too much application and not enough. But applying the hair fibres in layers is one way to ensure you create a natural, yet effective look when it comes to styling and disguising thinning hair. All you need to do is:

  1. Apply the Mr. Disguise Spray
  2. Apply a little of the hair fibres at a time to your target areas
  3. Blend them in
  4. Apply our Mr. Style Fix Spray
  5. And then repeat stages 2 to 4 for a maximum of 3 times

Target specific areas

For ultimate precision and to target key thinning areas, try our new Mr. Hair Fibres Applicator. It’s been specifically developed to help targeted applications alongside our Mr. Hair Fibres for complete ease and efficiency.

The specifically designed nozzle dispenses hair fibres precisely where you need them, providing:

  1. Even coverage
  2. Easy application with no fuss
  3. Targeted application
  4. Full control of the dosage
  5. Reduction in spillages and waste of hair fibres

It’s also particularly useful for localised thinning areas such as the hairline, or hard to reach places on the crown.

Take control and be smart with how you use hair fibres, for results which reveal natural and thicker looking hair.

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