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Top 4 Men’s Hair Trends 2017

The seasonal period has passed and it’s time to knuckle down into the nitty and gritty that is day-to-day to life again. We can help you start your year right with the best men’s hair trends to come in 2017 – and let’s face it, this is comparatively easy compared to your CrossFit body (pipe) dream resolutions.

90’s Part(y)

Part your curtains and let the light in – this mid-length head turner from the 90’s, worn by such fine gentleman as Brad Pitt & Leonardo DiCaprio, is making a comeback. The best products used to achieve this look are mattifying, shape holding and lightweight; like MR. Style Salt Spray and MR. Style Paste. Be forewarned this is a cut that does not suit every face shape, we would recommend having a chat with your barber prior to committing to the best of 90’s to achieve the strongest results.


Sweep It Back

A staple style from 2016, tapered quiffs with a high and tight fade show no signs of disappearing in 2017. A look that is smart, defined and can transition from day to night without any interruption & needs minimal upkeep. We recommend using a heavier based styling product like MR. Style Gel, simply used with a wide-tooth comb to ensure a even distribution of product.

Embrace the Grey

Gone are the days of dying away the silver streak, it’s time to celebrate your defining feature. The key to making the most of your changing hair is to evolve with it and adopt a better grooming regime. Invest time in cleansing and conditioning your hair with MR. Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner. Good conditioning is key to keeping hair from becoming dry as it ages.


Keep it Light

An extra trend to note is the growing use of lightweight products like salt spray, wax and pastes to emphasis your natural locks and create a nonchalant and dishevelled look. Creating texture is a vital key trend for 2017 for any short, mid-length and long hair cuts.

Attending #ArtistsForPeaceAndJustice gala wearing my #TomFord

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Do you have any tips or spot any trends for the coming year? Feedback and let us know what you think about men’s hair trends of 2017.

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