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Top 5 Hair Loss Tactics

We know there are extreme treatments you can have to help with your hair loss. But before you make any drastic decisions, there are some everyday changes you can make to help slow down the rate of your hair loss.

For example, if you suffer with genetic hair loss, concentrating on prolonging the life cycle of your hair follicles is the best step in trying to take back some control in your hair loss journey.

We’ve written our top 5 hair loss tactics you can do at home – without breaking the bank!


Using masses of product in your hair can cause wear and tear on your scalp, as it puts additional strain on your hair follicles. Also, not washing your hair enough to remove these styling products from your hair can have an impact.

Making the change to products which work with your hair rather than against it, will make your hair stronger rather than weaker. All MR Jamie Stevens products contain our signature ingredient System-PPX, which is a thickening peptide to keep hair fuller and stronger, as it strengthens the scalps skin matrix to promote thicker and hydrated hair.


Even if it’s a blistering cold day outside, we would recommend avoiding really hot showers, as this can potentially damage your scalp. The essential oils that help to protect your hair are based amongst the hair follicles, and if they get too hot, it can cause inflammation and dryness.

Hot showers don’t physically cause hair loss, but the scalp inflammation can damage the hair follicles which can affect its life cycle.


There has been extensive research into scalp massage and whether it can increase hair density by helping the blood circulation to the scalp, to help prolong the life cycle of the hair follicles. It also helps to reduce stress, which is another factor which is discussed around hair loss.

So, when you’re in the shower, massage your shampoo and conditioner into your hair for a good 5 minutes, to really give the scalp matrix some TLC to help your hair follicles.


This really is a simple change – pat drying your hair. It may seem trivial, but rubbing wet hair with a towel damages your hair follicles, causing it to break due to the roughness of the towel against your scalp. But by pat drying hair, you’re gently absorbing the water and keeping hair in place as well.


There are some at home treatments you can use to help your hair follicles in their life cycle. Our MR Thickening Treatment is just one example, as it helps to slow down the rate of hair loss by prolonging the Anagen phase within the life cycle of hair follicles.

The MR Thickening Treatment is a lightweight aerosol spray which delivers thickening agents directly to the scalp. It has a dual function applicator, which helps to apply the spray to targeted areas, or for more generalised use across the scalp.

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