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Top 4 Time Saving Grooming Tips

Are you feeling frustrated by the morning sprint to get you out of the house? If so, check out our top tips to help you get your morning routine started.


Tip 1: Get prepped

A good rule of thumb for any guy is to set aside time in the evening to prep your kit and pack what you need for the next day. We suggest choosing your outfit and picking out the bits that may need a little extra care and hanging them up in your bathroom overnight, this will allow the steam from your shower to iron out any unsightly crinkles!


Tip 2: Do it at night

Shower and shave the night before. This is a basic step that will be more than manageable to adhere to and comes with a few benefits; a) You keep your sheets fresher b) You can relax and take as long as you like c) You can get your shave out of the way.


Tip 3: Map out your week

Many of the world’s most efficient people plan for the week ahead. So, on Sunday evening start engaging your brain for the week ahead. Plan what you need, where you need to be and how you’re going to get there – and most importantly what style you are going to go for. The theory goes you can waste more time not knowing what you are doing than actually doing it.


Tip 4: Fool proof hair styling

Before you leave the house in the mornings, spray some MR. Style Salt Spray for a fast solution to give your hair instant texture and style.

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