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Want to Travel Light? Here’s How…

The Easter weekend is nearly upon us, and we know you are chomping at the bit to go and take some well-deserved time off and visit family or friends. But what should you take with you? It’s tempting to fill your bag with ‘everything’ but wouldn’t it be great to just take a small selection of what you actually need? Check out our guide below for help with what to pack.


Pack Smart


Remember, every inch counts, so be sure to put your luggage space to good use. Roll clothes instead of folding them – and make those little bundles as tight as possible to fit more items in. Once the bigger stuff is in, fill up nooks and crannies with small and odd-shaped things like socks and undies.




Toothbrush, check. Deodorant, check. Shaving equipment, check. And, if you want to take just one product out of our MR. Disguise range, we would recommend our compact MR. Hair Fibres. Our statically-charged plant fibres bond to individual strands of hair for a fast solution to concealing the signs of thinning hair and fit in your wash-bag with ease. For more information on our men’s hair fibres, simply watch the video below.



Boat Shoes or Trainers?


Taking your best pair of treads is essential to completing any look, that’s a given. But they take up so much darned room. Between sandals, running shoes, boat shoes, hiking shoes, winkle pickers and clogs – what’s a well-dressed man to do? Here is a quick fix just for you… take shoes that you can dress up or down, are neutral but have an edge to them. Unless you are going to a rather nice occasion where formal shoes are a must, we suggest wearing 574 New Balance sneakers for a versatile, sport-chic look.

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