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Why Are You Losing Your Hair?


With half of men expected to lose their hair before the age of 60, we’ve listed below some explanations as to why you might be losing your hair and if there is anything you can do to potentially slow down the process.


Conditions such as male pattern baldness tends to be genetic, which has nothing to do with your surroundings or how you treat your hair. The life cycle of your hair follicles will start to decrease and hair will no longer form and replace the lost hair. The metabolite Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the male sex hormone which actually restricts the hair follicles ability to produce new hair growth. If you suffer with genetic hair loss, then you will be sensitive to the effects of DHT and it will most probably be the main cause of your hair loss.


Both emotional and physical stress can lead to symptoms such as hair loss, especially if you experience a trauma. This could be in extreme cases called alopecia, or just noticing a few more hairs on your pillow. More often than not though, stress won’t actually cause hair loss, but it will exacerbate a problem which is already there. Taking steps to try and combat stress is one way to see if this is causing your hair loss. Changing your lifestyle such as exercising more, or getting support if you need it from a professional are just a few examples.


Hypothyroidism is another potential answer as to why you might be losing your hair. Located in your neck, this gland produces hormones which helps your metabolism, development and growth. If it isn’t producing enough hormones, it can leave you feeling tired, lethargic, cause problems with your weight and hair loss. Due to the long hair cycle growth though, this might take a few months to be diagnosed as the cause. The solution? Speak to your GP and discuss your concerns, as if this is the reason your hair is falling out, you’ll also be experiencing other symptoms connected with an underactive thyroid.


I know everyone goes on about this, but it has been noted that a clean healthy diet can help strengthen your hair. For example, if you don’t get enough protein in your diet, then your body might need to ration the amount of protein produced which contributes to the growth cycle process of hair follicles. So eating healthily will help your body work to its best, helping support functions such as hair growth.


Intense hair styling can cause strain on your hair. If you’ve been wearing tight braids, had chemical treatments or use high-heat irons without protection, this can affect the hair root which may result in hair not growing back. Using products and creating styles with non-heavy, non-invasive products can help to keep your hair strong and in great condition. All MR Jamie Stevens products contain our signature ingredient System-PPX, which is a thickening peptide to keep hair fuller and stronger, as it strengthens the scalps skin matrix to promote thicker and hydrated hair.

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