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Why Does Hair Thin?

Hair Follicle
Understanding how hair grows & what causes hair to thin is key to understanding how MR. works.

The hair shaft is typically composed of 2 distinct components, the cuticle and the cortex with some hair having a third component called the medulla. The cuticle is a complex layered keratin structure that surrounds and protects the cortex. It is composed of overlapping cells that form a roof tile like structure. If the cuticle becomes damaged the hair feels rougher and becomes duller in appearance. The cortex is also open to “attack” from external aggravators.

The cortex is full of highly organised keratin chains sandwiched between sulphur rich proteins and linked by lipid rich membranes. It is the cortex that gives the hair it tensile strength. The medulla where present is found in thicker human hairs is thought to be left over from our primate past where the air contained within it is thought to help regulate temperature. Once the hair shaft leaves the scalp it is effectively “dead”, the powerhouse behind the hair is the follicle which is found in the scalp.

Many complex processes occur at the dermal papilla which:

  • activates hair growth
  • determines the shape of the hair
  • add its colour
  • generates the many keratin structures that comprise the hair shaft.

This process is repeated many times throughout the hair follicles life. Each hair follicle is independent to each other and goes through its growth cycle at different times.

The facts head on:

  • As people age their hair begins to thin.
  • Thinning is the result of a reduction in the active growing phase of the hair growth cycle.
  • The subcutaneous fat layer of the scalp also thins and hair becomes more brittle.
  • The ability of the hair cortex to absorb melanin begins to diminish.
  • The hair starts to lose its youthful colour & shine.

 How can MR. help?

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